Whether it is about the revitalization of the train station quarter in Frankfurt, projects for 'new housing' in Riedberg, a +energy housing development, the project development of the maincafe or the building of an inner city hotel complex:  Architecture and urban planning overflow into one another.  That is how it should be.  Every building has its context and can positively contribute to its immediate environment.  This approach counts towards the unique competence that our office offers - we are not only aware of the intertwining of the two fields, but we incorporate it into our design process and the conception of solutions.

bb22 I architecture practices in the tradition of the architecture office that guides a project from the first design study to the installation of the last door knob.  Only in this way is it possible to achieve extraordinary architectural quality; surprising floor plans, carefully designed facades, state of the art technology and attention to energy use and sustainablity.  For us, architectural quality also has a social component.  We do not only plan for, but also with the users.  We make open architecture - an architecture that encourages neighborhoods and reaches outward to weave into the existing context or create a new one.

bb22 I urban planning is convinced that each urban planning situation requires individual methods and solutions.  Because of this, we have developed a flexible approach where time honored urban planning tools are combined with situation-taylored integrative and uncommon strategies.  This creates a dynamic process in which concrete projects have a chance to cristalize and 'arrive' within an urban space while positively influencing the existing surroundings.